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Cocktail Canapés
  • Caramelised red onion and fetta tartlets

  • Smoked salmon, dill, lemon, crème fraiche tartlets

  • Asian style chicken and pork sausage rolls, chilli jam

  • Handrolled prawn and pork spring rolls, chilli soy

  • Spinach, fetta, a touch of dill spring rolls

  • Beef or chicken mini burgers, relish

  • Coconut crumbed (or parmesan crumbed) chicken pieces, aioli

  • Lemon crumbed rockling pieces, lime tartare

  • Smoked salmon and baby dill pancakes, lemon crème fraiche

  • BBQ’d prawns, wasabi lime aioli, cucumber boats

  • Prawn and avocado tartare, wonton crisps

  • Truffled mozzarella risotto croquettes, pesto cream

  • Thai chicken, sweet potato risotto croquettes, curry crème

  • Smoked salmon, dill, lemon risotto croquettes, vodka crème

  • Greek style lamb kofta ball cones, cucumber yoghurt

  • Prawn, avocado cocktail cones, lime aioli

  • Prawn and pork cakes with chilli jam

  • Thai chicken coriander cakes, chilli chutney on Chinese spoons

  • Oven baked black sesame salmon cubes on Chinese spoons

  • Smoked salmon, thin cucumber, avocado, dill aioli

  • Crisp bacon, creamy curried egg, rocket and avocado

  • Prawn cocktail and crisp cucmber

  • Teriyaki chicken, crunch cucumber and lime avocado

Desserts & Sweets
  • Lemon curd cup cakes with passionfruit twirl icing

  • Chocolate and orange almond slice, snow sugar (gf)

  • Chocolate and honey mousse shots, berries (gf)

  • Carrot and pineapple cup cakes, crème cheese topping

  • Coco cola and marshmallow cup cakes

  • Mini vanilla meringues, berry, cream

  • Seasonal fruit cups and vanilla yoghurt

  • Mango and lemon syllabub shots

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